Vintage Angelicoussis VLCC “SEA LION” (318,778 tdw, Built 2003 Hyundai Samho, MAN-B&W) has been concluded to Far Eastern buyers for US$ 25.5 million. From the same owning group, “MARAN REGULUS” (310,106 tdw, Built 2000 Samsung, B&W) has been sold for US$ 21 million.
Suezmax  TONOS” (159,996 tdw, Built 2003 Samsung, B&W – ss passed 3/2018) is reported sold for US$ 16 million.
According to an unconfirmed report, two recently delivered LR2s, “IONIC ARIADNE” (Sumitomo 6/2020) and sister “IONIC ANEMOS” (Sumitomo 11/2020) – (112,007 dwt, 3 pumps, MAN-B&W, Tier III) have been committed on subjects to Libyan buyers at a price of US$ 55 million each.
In an en bloc sale, Nord Group has obtained US$ 41 million – US$ 10.25 million each -  for four LR1 sister vessels “NORDNEPTUN”“NORDMARS”NORDMERKUR” and “NORDVENUS” (all built Hyundai H.I. 2004 – 74,999 dwt, epoxy coated, 12 tanks/pumps, MAN-B&W).
Mitsui OSK has sold the MR product carrier “OPAL EXPRESS” (48,635 tdw, Built 2006 Iwagi Zosen, IMO III, pumproom, 4 pumps, MAN-B&W) for US$ 9.75 million with ss/dd due 5/2021.
The BDI regained some lost ground with a gain of 114 points to 1325 (1211). The daily Cape t/c rate added $3,054 to close the week at US$ 14,943 pd.
TMS Dry is reported to have sold Newcastlemax “NETADOLA” (207,991 tdw, Built 2017 Jiangsu Newyangzi, MAN-B&W) to Maran Dry Management, price US$ 38.25 million. Sister “XANADU” (208,827 tdw, Built 2017 Jiangsu Yangzi Xinfu, MAN-B&W), is said to have obtained US$ 38 million from J.P.Morgan. J.P.Morgan is also acquiring “SPARTACUS” (179,156 tdw, Built 2011 Sungdong, MAN-B&W – ss/dd due 2/2021) for US$ 18.75 million which will enter a 5-year timecharter to Trafigura.
In a further sale of a Newcastlemax, “MG COURAGE” (206,254 tdw, Built 2007 Imabari, MAN-B&W) has been sold to Golden Union for US$ 14 million.
In an en bloc transaction, Chinese buyers are paying US$ 11.1 million each for “BULK JOYANCE” and “BULK HARVEST” (175,636 tdw, both built 2012 Jinhai Heavy Industry, MAN-B&W).
The Shanghai-built “CAPE ELISE” (174,124 tdw, Built 2005 SWS, MAN-B&W) has been bought by Chinese for US$ 10.5 million – surveys passed July 2020).
Shoei Kisen has sold the post-Panamax “MARITIME CENTURY” (95,790 tdw, Built 2010 Imabari, Beam 38m, 7HH, MAN-B&W), price tba. “DOUBLE HARMONY” (88,270 tdw, Built 2010/06 Imabari, Beam 38m, 5HH, MAN-B&W) has been concluded at US$ 12.7 million.
Kamsarmax “RESURGENCE” (81,622 tdw, Built 2012 Guangzhou Longxue Shipbuilding, MAN-B&W) has been purchased by Modion Maritime in Greece for US$ 12 million; this follows the same buyers’ recent purchase of a sister vessel, “WOOKIE” (81,755 tdw, Built 2012 Guangzhou Longxue,  MAN-B&W) for US$ 12.2 million,
A sale of “KING PEACE” (79,025 tdw, Built 2011 Nanjing Wujiazui Shipbuildin, MAN-B&W – ss due 6/2021) has been concluded at US$ 9.55 million.
Other Panamaxes have been sold as follows: “STAR PLANET” (76,812 tdw, Built 2005 Sasebo Heavy Industries, B&W – ss due 8/2020) on private terms; “OCEANIS” (75,211 tdw, Built 2001 Samho, Heavy Industries, B&W, 11,509 ldt – ss due 5/2021) sold by Diana Shipping for US$ 5.75 million; “VERY MARIA” (73,910 tdw, Built 2001 Namura Shipbuilding, B&W – ss/dd due 9/2021) for US$ 5.5 million.
Scorpio has entered into an agreement to sell another Ultramax, “SBI ARIES” (63,605 tdw, Built 2015 Chengxi, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W). At US$ 16.5 million, marginally better than their recent sale of “SBI ORION” (63,328 tdw, Built 2015 Chengxi Shipyard, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) for US$ 16.1 million.
At a Chinese auction, “SAM LION” (57,200 tdw, Built 2012 STX Jinhae, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) was sold to Chinese buyers for US$ 10.5 million, we believe with surveys due. In a conventional sale, “DENSA COUGAR”  - a sister of the auctioned vessel – (57,592 tdw, Built 2012 STX, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W – ss due 3/2022) has been sold to Greek buyers for US$ 10.3 million.
“EAGLE STRAIT” (56,883 tdw, Built 2010 Taizhou Sanfu, cranes 4 x 36 tons, MAN-B&W) has been concluded at US$ 6.75 million.
Nomikos’ “AZZURA” (52,050 tdw, Built 2004 IHI Marine United, cranes 4 x 30 tons, Sulzer, 8,912 ldt – ss due 6/2024, dd due 4/2022) has obtained US$ 6.5 million. Jin Hui has sold “JIN PING” (50,777 tdw, Built 2002 Oshima, cranes 4 x 30 tons, Sulzer) for US$ 5.5 million.
Buyers are paying US$ 9 million for “TURQUOISE OCEAN” (38,529 tdw, Built 2011 Minaminippon, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) - with ss/dd due 8/2021. Union Commercial has concluded sale of “UNION ANTON” (32,077 tdw, Built 2010 Hakodate Dock, cranes 4 x 30 tons, Mitsubishi) at US$ 8.3 million.
Lomar Corp. is selling Panamax beam “TEXAS TRADER” (4,992 TEU, 67,601 dwt, Built Hanjin 2005, gearless, B&W) for US$ 15 million.
In an asset play of remarkably good fortune, Greek investors are selling “PARTNER STAR” (6,350 TEU, 72,968 dwt, Built 2005 Koyo Dockyard, 40m beam, MAN-B&W) to Taiwanese owners for US$ 24.5 million having purchased her in June of this year as “MOL PARTNER” for US$ 9.5 million. A sister vessel, built in 2009, “HYUNDAI NEW YORK” (6350 TEU, 72,982 dwt, Built Koyo 2009, gearless, MAN-B&W), has been sold by Eastern Pacific for US$ 31 million.
Zodiac are reported to have sold “MAERSK SEMARANG” (8,401 TEU, 108,447 tdw, Built 2007 Daewoo Shipbuilding, MAN-B&W) – no price reported.
German buyers are paying US$ 9.2 million for “ELBSUMMER” (1,025 TEU, 14,669 dwt, Built 2009 Fujian Mawei, gearless, MaK). The smaller “CARAT” (877 TEU, 12,356 dwt, Built 2009 Fujian Mawei, MaK) has obtained US$ 8.3 million.
KSOE, as the parent of the Hyundai shipbuilding conglomerate, has received a number of recent fresh orders. Athenian Sea Carriers has contracted two option two 300,000 dwt VLCCs to be built at Hyundai Samho for delivery September, 2022, Hyundai Glovis is signing for two 318,000 dwt units at US$ 94.8 million each, delivery March, 2022.
A further four 174,000 cbm LNG carriers have been ordered, all destined for Shell long term employment, one for a/c Knutsen at Hyundai Samho, one at Hyundai H.I. for J.P.Morgan and two for Panocean.
Containers – MSC is having six 23,000 TEU container vessels built by three Chinese builders, two each at Hudong Zhonghua, Jiangnan and Yangzijiang with deliveries from 2023. Contract price per vessel is reportedly in the US$ 145-150 million range per vessel.
India has stepped in to acquire a handful of large bulkcarriers mainly in the low US$ 400s as prices have slipped in Bangladesh. Recent sales include:
LDT                 DWT               Built                Price               Delivery
”SINOGLORY”        38,705            265,815          1992               US$ 432        Subcont
                                    (includes significant bunker quantity)                               options
“WUGANG                37,672            281,266          1995               US$ 385        India
     ATLANTIC”        (for green recycling)
“GRANDE                 20,760            172,694          2003               US$ 411        India
     SOLARIS”           (for green recycling – includes significant bunker quantity)
“GREAT                    20,391            164,264          1999               US$ 407        India
     SUNRISE”          (for green recycling – includes abt 400 tons bunkers)
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