There are unconfirmed reports that Capital is purchasing the Suezmaxes “RIDGEBURY ALINA L” (164,626 tdw, Built 2001 Hyundai H.I., B&W) and “RIDGEBURY ASTARI” (149,991 tdw, Built 2002/07 NKK, Japan, Sulzer) for US$ 19.25/18.5 million respectively.
Chinese buyers have agreed to pay US$ 17.9 million for Aframax “SIGNAL PUMA” (105,034 tdw, Built 2005 SWS, China, MAN-B&W); note ss/dd have just been passed, BWTS newly fitted.
An older Aframax, Eastern Pacific’s  “BARENTS SEA” (105,588 tdw, Built 2000 Hyundai H.I., MAN-B&W) is said to have been sold  for US$ 7.6 million which believe reflects delivery with ss/dd due.
The BDI closed on May 7 at 514, down from 617 at the end of last week. On May 8, a holiday in the UK,  the Baltic Exchange was closed.
Conti’s AMAZONIT” (56,952 tdw, Built 2011 Jiangsu Hantong, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W – dd due 8/2020) sold for US$ 7.25 million. Meadway Shipping obtained US$ 6.2 million from Chinese buyers for “MATUMBA” (53,591 tdw, Built 2005 Yangzhou Dayang, cranes 4 x 35 tons, MAN-B&W).
A sister, “TAURUS TWO” (53,630 tdw, Built 2006 Yangzhou Dayang, cranes 4 x 35 tons, MAN-B&W – ss/dd due 8/2021) is said to have gone for  US$ 4.8 million despite being a year newer, reasons are unclear. “ENDEAVOUR STRAIT” (56,806 tdw, Built 2010 Taizhou Sanfu, cranes 4 x 36 tons, MAN-B&W) was concluded to Safesea at an undisclosed price with ss/dd due 10/2020.
Genco has sold a pair of 2010-built handies for US$ 8.1 million apiece, they are: “BALTIC BREEZE” (34,386 tdw, Built 2010 SPP, Korea, cranes 4 x 35 tons, MAN-B&W) and sister “GENCO BAY”.
Another pair of 2010 handies, built by Nantong Changqingsha, “ASIA PEARL III” (35,217 tdw, Built 2010, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) and sister “ASIA PEARL IV” have obtained US$ 5.2 million each both with 2nd special survey due this year and BWTS included but not installed – some assembly required . . .
An older logcarrier, “PACIFIC LOGGER” (31,877 tdw, Built 2000 Hakodate, cranes 4 x 30 tons, Mitsubishi) has gone to Vietnamese owners for a reported US$ 3.6 million.
SIngledecker “SQUAMISH” (18,920 tdw, Built 2009 Yamanishi Corp, 4HH, cranes 3 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) is sold to buyers in the Middle East for US$ 6.5 million.
Suezmax – two option two of 158,000 dwt ordered for a/c Nereus at Hyundai H.I., delivery first two Jn/Feb 2022, price US$ 61 million each.
MR – Asahi Tankers has placed an order for twoof 50,000 dwt at Onomichi,, delivery SH 2022, price undisclosed.
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