Eylül 4.hafta gemi satış raporu

Bu haftaki gemi satış raporlarında Türk armatörlerinin gemi aldıkları görülüyor.
Hafnia (BW) is reported to have agreed to pay US$ 30.5 million each for “STENAWECO ANDREA CORRADO” (49,999 tdw, Built 2015 Hyundai Mipo, IMO II/III, 12 tanks/pumps, coated, MAN-B&W) and sister “STENAWECO CATERINA CORRADO” (also 2015).
Sovcomflot is selling “ALPINE MONIQUE” (46,087 tdw, Built 2010 Hyundai Mipo, IMO III, 12 tanks/pumps, coated, MAN-B&W) for US$ 18.7 million.
Buyers, said to be Greek, are paying US$ 17.8 million each for the three LR1 sister vessels “GULF CASTLE”“GULF COBALT” and “GULF CASTLE” (74,999 dwt, Built Hyundai Mipo 2009, 12 tanks/pumps, epoxy, MAN-B&W).
Turkish conversion specialists Karadeniz are purchasing the Aframax “HAPPY CENTURY” (105,322 tdw, Built 2001 Sumitomo, Sulzer) for US$ 12.5 million.
At the vintage end of the market, “LONE STAR” (47,355 tdw, Built 2002 Uljanik, IMO II/III, 10 tanks/pumps, epoxy, B&W – next dd 9/2020) has achieved US$ 7.85 million. Thenamaris’ “SEARAMBLER” (39,551 tdw, Built 2001 Hyundai Mipo, 12 tanks/pumps, epoxy, B&W) is reported to Russian buyers (note ice class 1B) – no leak on price so far.
Vietnamese are buying the product/chemical “SICHEM MONTREAL” (13,069 tdw, Built 2008 by 21St Century Shipbuilding, IMO II/III, 14 tanks/pumps, epoxy, MAN-B&W) for US$ 8.4 million, also the similar “ROYAL EMERALD” (13,102 tdw, Built 2006 by 21St Century Shipbuilding, IMO II/III, 12 tanks/pumps, Marineline, MAN-B&W) for US$ 6.2 million.
Further erosion has occurred in the dry market. Cape size daily T/C rates went down US$ 5,253, a decline of 17% from last week’s US$ 30,169, bringing this week’s close to US$ 24,916. Inevitably the BDI was dragged down with it, losing 284 points to 1,857 (2,131).
Scorpio is selling a pair of modern Ultramax vessels to Minmetals, China, “SBI COUGAR” (63,592 tdw, Built 2015 Chengxi, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) for US$ 19.4 million and the shade younger sister “SBI PUMA” (63,542 tdw, Built 2014 Chengxi) for US$ 18.5 million.
A China-built Supramax, “UNIVERSAL BALTIMORE” (56,801 tdw, Built 2011 Qingshan,
cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) achieved US$ 10.2 million.
Other sales of bulkcarriers built in the last decade include Wood Street’s “SEAS 11” (37,200 dwt, Built 2013 Zhejiang Ouhua, cranes 4 x 30 tons, Wartsila – dd due 1/2020) and sister “SEAS 5” (Built 2012, dd due 4/2020) – Dutch buyers are paying US$ 11 million each. These vessels enjoy BWTS exemptions until 1/2023 and 6/2022 respectively.
Shandong Shipping has agreed to purchase the vintage Newcastlemax “AZUL INTEGRA” (203,272 tdw, Built 2004 Universal, Japan, MAN-B&W) for US$ 15.8 million; vessel will be due for ss in December.
Panamax “DOLCE” (76,525 tdw, Built 2007 Imabari, MAN-B&W – ss due 2022, dd due 2020) has been concluded at US$ 11.5 million. Sales of older Panamaxes include “VITASPIRIT” (74,269 tdw, Built 2001 Oshima, MAN-B&W – next ss 7/2021) to Chinese buyers at US$ 7.25 million, note dd passed in June of this year, “BOREAL” (74,181 tdw,
Built 2002 Namura, MAN-B&W, 10,180 ldt – next ss 3/2022, next dd 3/2020) at US$ 7.7 million and another Namura-built, “LITTLE PRINCE” (74,133 tdw, Built 2001, B&W – next ss/dd 5/2021) to Greeks at US$ 6.7 million.
Two sales of older Supras: buyers are paying US$ 9 million for the Japan-built “RIBBON” (53,206 tdw, Built 2005 Imabari, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) – she has ss due in the coming year. “ODISSEUS” (51,201 tdw, Built 2003 New Century, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) has Chinese buyers paying US$ 5.5 million.
Two sales of Imabari 28s this week, ”SEACLIFF” (28,343 tdw, Built 2009 Imabari, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) at US$ 6.7 million and “IDSHIP BULKER” (28,361 dwt, Built Imabari 2008, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) which obtained US$ 7.8 million. It appears the newer vessel sold for less as her surveys are due by year’s end.
The 4HH type “ANNELISA” (18,673 tdw, Built 2008 Yamanishi, cranes 3 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) has Turkish buyers paying US$ 8 million.
There are still buyers for tonnage built in the 1990s, at least in China; ADM’s handymax “HARVEST RISING” (46,678 tdw, Built 1996 Mitsui, cranes 4 x 30 tons, B&W – 7,770 ldt) is going to Chinese buyers for US$ 4.3 million. “GAZI” (23,829 tdw, Built 1995 Naikai, cranes 4 x 30 tons, B&W, 5,529 ldt – next ss 5/2020) is sold to Chinese also, for US$ 2.7 million.
Diana Containerships is selling “PUCON” (6,539 TEU, 81,099 tdw, Built 2006 Hyundai H.I., MAN-B&W – next ss 4/2022, next dd 4/2020) for US$ 20.2 million.
Buyers are paying US$ 10.75 million for Borealis’ “DEBUSSY” (4,255 TEU, 51,687 tdw, Built 2009 Hyundai H.I., Wartsila).
Meratus Line has agreed to purchase “LEDA TRADER” (2,442 TEU, 33,917 tdw, Built 2000 Thyssen Nordseewerke, cranes 3 x 45 tons, B&W – next dd 12/2020) for US$ 6 million.
VLOC – Kmarin, Korea has declared options for two 325,000 dwt VLOCs at Qingdao Beihai, price US$ 75 million each, deliveries end 2021/early 2022. Vessels to go on 25-year COAs for a/c Vale.
Suezmax – Hyundai Samho has won an order from Kyklades for two 158,000 dwt Suezmax types, price US$ 66 million, deliveries 5/2021.
MRs – in Vietnam, Fukujin Kisen has contracted for two IMO III 50,000 dwt MR product carriers, price US$ 34.5 million each, deliveries end 2020 & early 2021.
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